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Digital Transformation Partner

The RMO Company boasts decades of experience in leadership and guidance for selecting, implementing, and managing software solutions, as well as enhancing business processes. We have experience with renowned players in the CRM, ERP, HRM, and Service Desk solutions arena, such as SAP, Infor, MS Dynamics, Navision, etc., with excellent results. In recent years, Odoo ERP has held a special place in our portfolio. Under the name Aardug-RMO, we are a gold partner and reseller of Odoo.

We still operate and implement the aforementioned solutions, but our enthusiasm for Odoo has been openly expressed in recent years. Over the past 5 years, we have had the privilege of guiding remarkable and successful implementations of Odoo Enterprise.

We help accelerate your digital transformation with Odoo.

How? We have our successful proprietary approach for that, but we are flexible! We are keen to align with your needs and way of working

CxO Sparring Partner

Over the years, with extensive experience, we are passionate about serving as a sparring partner to the founder-owners of SMEs. This honor is bestowed upon us only through a deep trust that we will make a valuable contribution and the integrity to admit if we are unable to provide this contribution.


The world in which we do business is changing faster and faster.

Companies are not always agile enough to (quickly) change a direction once taken. This rigidity is compounded by the not always up-to-date (legacy) automation used, with often even entire departments running on Excel.

We also see that entrepreneurs often lack a genuine sparring partner who provides honest, straightforward, open feedback on the business from policies and automation to processes and after-service. As a result, what can be extracted from business operations is not always achieved. What is missed is that broader view (from experience at multiple companies) of the possibilities in IT and an independent view of the efficiency of the IT landscape. And, of course, the impact of that operation on the efficiency, effectiveness and happiness of staff!  



RMO consultants are the sparring partner for organisations. We tell honestly and directly what we find and what we have learned and seen at other organisations. We support in transforming into an agile organisation.

We get energy from making processes more efficient and effective so that less manpower is needed, can be scaled up and more job satisfaction can be realised. We do this by, among other things, working together with our clients' team, putting the people side at the centre, making sure the implementation and use of IT fits in well with this and thus working towards a people-friendly, customer-oriented, efficient, effective and agile data-driven organisation.


Our 'sweetspots'

  1. Medium-sized organisations with barely scalable processes and a desire/need to grow/flexibility. companies that are stuck (partly) by their legacy IT and, among other things, no longer agile as a result.​
  2. Commerce, Discrete & Semi-process Industries, Food & Beverage, ICT, Logistics & Business Services.​
  3. And we become happy and even more successful when it involves a client (the founder-owner mostly) who , apart from being a fit with us in terms of character, drives and values, above all has mandate and vision.​


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